Software Pricing
The Plan-It Capital Planning Software includes all you need to enter, store and edit data and print CIP reports. The annual cost for this function-rich system is very reasonable compared to other municipal software applications.

See the current Plan-It Pricing Sheet

Plan-It is offered on an annual license basis, with an initial cost to get going and an annual upgrade/renewal cost. The annual cost for the software is $1,200 for small cities, under 5,000 and $1,600 for cities with a population above 5,000. The user count is is determined by the number of departments (not people) who will be logging on to the software at your site. The base software also includes a Plan-It Users Guide, Project Request Form template and initial user training as necessary. After the first 12 months of use, Plan-It needs to be renewed to continue to be used. During a 15 minute renewal process, updated software is supplied that includes additional screen features, reports, system enhancements or functionality improvements made to the base system. Plan-It enhancements are based on requests gathered each year from people using the software. As a sign that the software is performing well, Plan-It retains over 95% of its customers each year!

Optional services may also be purchased, including:

  • Technical Support & Training. We are available to help customize your Plan-It system or provide expanded staff training.
  • Data Pre-Loading. Save time by having Plan-It delivered with your current capital improvement and/or equipment data already entered.
  • Business Services. Custom consulting to help with your planning process.

See the current Plan-It Pricing Sheet

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