Software Pricing
The Plan-It Capital Planning Software includes all you need to enter, store and edit data and print CIP reports. The annual cost for this function-rich system is very reasonable compared to other municipal software applications.

Click here to see the current Plan-It Pricing Sheet

Plan-It is offered on an annual license basis, with an initial cost to get going and an annual upgrade/renewal cost. The ‘First-Year’ cost (beginning at $995) is determined by the number of departments (not people) who will be logging on to the software at your site. The base software also includes a Plan-It Users Guide, Project Request Form template and initial user training as necessary. The ‘Annual Renewal’ cost is one half of the current ‘First-Year’ cost. After the first 12 months of use, Plan-It needs to be renewed to continue to be used. During a 15 minute renewal process, updated software is supplied that includes additional screen features, reports, system enhancements or functionality improvements made to the base system. Plan-It enhancements are based on requests gathered each year from people using the software. As a sign that the software is performing well, Plan-It retains over 95% of its customers each year!

Optional services may also be purchased, including:

  • Technical Support & Training. We are available to help customize your Plan-It system or provide expanded staff training.
  • Data Pre-Loading. Save time by having Plan-It delivered with your current capital improvement and/or equipment data already entered.
  • Business Services. Strategic Insights is available for custom consulting to help with your planning process.

Click here to see the current Plan-It Pricing Sheet

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