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Simplify your Capital Improvement Plan process.
No more spreadsheet headaches, just effective, scalable solutions for government teams.
We have been focused on streamlining the CIP process for 25+ years - longer than anyone else in industry.

“Absolutely the Right Fit” - Engineer
Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to producing a product that ABSOLUTELY fills the void between Excel spreadsheets and overwhelming, multi-part systems to provide a “right fit” Capital Improvement Program planning solution for so many communities.
“Better and more efficient” - Finance Director
Your program and your customer service definitely made the capital process better and more efficient for me. I went from creating hundreds of spreadsheets and reports manually to creating a CIP book with much better worksheets and great reports.
"Our CIP program is a prize possession” - Accountant
You have built a great product that we have enjoyed using in our office. Our CIP program is a prize possession in our government and is talked about every year in our budget process.
"So easy for new users to pick up” - Finance Director
This is such a nice program. It really serves the purpose! It's so easy for new users to pick up and use without having to go to a lot of training.
“Saves us time” - Finance Director
PlanIt supports the Village's mission of obtaining a high level of organizational excellence, enabling our public body to understand the community's capital needs. It saves us time, keeps everything organized, and generates attractive reports.

Don’t let complex capital planning bury you in spreadsheets or silo your teams.

Leverage decades of capital planning expertise. Plan-It enable simplicity and efficiency.

How Plan-It Works


This process can be a real headache, taking up a lot of time and leaving room for errors. Hours wasted sorting through spreadsheets or stacks of paper forms. Finance departments are forced to make important decisions without the right tools to effectively manage everything. But don't worry, we're here to show you a better way. It's time to simplify and streamline the CIP process. Let's say goodbye to the old ways and embrace a new era of efficient planning and prioritization. Join us as we dive into this exciting journey together!


Long gone are the days of manually consolidating capital requests. Our easy-to-use web-based project data collection forms are simple to send out and automatically upload to your own Plan-it database, eliminating the need for paper forms and Excel spreadsheets. Plus, import your existing projects.


Our software simplifies the management of your CIP by centralizing your data in one place. Adding or editing projects is a breeze! With a simple click of a button you can move from one year to the next. With our extensive selection of customizable reports, you'll have all the information you need to prioritize and fund projects.


What sets us apart is our commitment to creating reports that effectively communicate your CIP. We've listened to customers and spent years perfecting our clear and concise reports. So, get ready to access hundreds of automatically generated customizable reports that will showcase your CIP in the best possible light.

CIP Planning Made Easy

Plan-It was developed with local government users in mind. Serving as an important planning and budgeting tool, the Plan-It software helps Finance Directors, Administrators/Managers, Clerks, Public Works Directors and other city officials across North America produce a great CIP.

Municipal Governments and Utilities
School Districts, Libraries, Universities or Park Districts
Many other organizations can benefit
from Plan-It! Software

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Our users save an impressive 70% (or more!) of their time on CIP reporting development. Curious to witness the magic?

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