Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ Sheet)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When first looking at Plan-It, there are several typical questions that people ask about the purchase, installation and use of the system. Click here to print out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What can Plan-It do for me?

Plan-It, the leader in CIP software, provides an easy way to plan for future infrastructure projects and equipment purchases. It will save you time in the budgeting process, produce an outstanding Capital Improvement Plan and help you make better decisions about how you are spending your resources in coming years. It collects information such as project description and justification, expenditure amounts and funding sources. There are over 140 automatic reports that summarize the data in many useful ways.

How many municipalities use Plan-It?
Since 1999, when the first user was installed, the Plan-It community has grown significantly. There is a constantly growing number of cities and counties in the US now using Plan-It.

Why is it better than what I am using now? (e.g., spreadsheets)

  • Spreadsheets are difficult to manage year to year. Much time is spent adding/deleting columns, tying worksheets together and making sure formulas work.
  • Plan-It makes data entry simple – just fill in the blanks.
  • It is easy to have people in many departments sharing the data entry responsibility
  • Graphics, such as pictures or maps, can easily be added to reports to make a better final document
  • Automatically-generated reports produce a superior final document for decision-maker review
  • With a substantially large and growing number of customers, you benefit from upgrade ideas submitted by other users and considered for new versions
  • Links to key project documents can be made

How much does it cost?

Plan-It is sold on a annual licensed basis. A $400 discount is given to small cities (<5,000 population). Costs are based on the number of user departments (with an unlimited number of installed PCs in each). Additional departments may be added at any time for a reduced incremental cost. For example, a customer will pay $1,600 for the first user and $800 per additional users.

Is there technical support?
Technical support is, for the most part, available at no cost. If you have a quick question, want to talk over the best way to structure your data or if you have technical issues, you can call for support at any time. If your issue requires programming support, there may be a charge to cover that cost. Nearly all questions are answered at no cost to users.

What are the technical requirements?
Plan-It is a Windows-based product that requires that 32- or 64-bit Microsoft Access (2013 through 2019 and 365) be installed on each user’s PC. No user knowledge of Access is required, however.

Can Plan-It interface with my financial system?
Yes. Through the use of an Excel spreadsheet, Plan-It can import information from whatever financial system you use to create “Budget vs. Actual” reports.

What kind of system security is there?
Plan-It has optional user-level security where rights to key areas or functions can be granted on an individual or group basis.

Can I do fund forecasting?
Yes. By entering projected 5-year or 10-year revenues for your funds, reports can be generated that show cash flows through your funds.

How can I learn more about Plan-It?
Upon request, you can receive an email with example reports, detailed license information and user references (with links to city websites so you can take a look at what finished Plan-It CIPs look like).

Can I get a demo?
Free downloadable demos and/or an online web seminar demo are available. Just let us know what works best for you.

How do I get going using Plan-It?
After letting us know you would like a license, we provide an email with the files you need and can help you get installed. Additional training can be given at the time of installation to make sure you or other users are comfortable using Plan-It.

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