Customer List

As of January 28, 2022, Plan-It was installed in 260 sites in the United States and Canada.  These customers are of all population sizes, ranging from small cities, towns and villages to large municipalities and counties (pop. 1,000 to 250,000+).  Capital Improvement Planning is important for all organizations who need to budget their infrastructure, equipment or maintenance expenditures, regardless of size, capital budget amount or complexity of operations.  Click on this link to see a current list of Plan-It users.

Key users of Plan-It may include:

  • Municipal Governments and Utilities.  Plan-It was developed with local government users in mind. Serving as an important planning and budgeting tool, the Plan-It software helps Finance Directors, Administrators/Managers, Clerks, Public Works Directors and other city officials across North America produce a great CIP.
  • Park Districts. Plan-It is helpful to those with significant land, facility, vehicle and equipment planning needs.
  • School Districts or Libraries. Plan-It can be used to plan facility additions or improvements, fixed asset purchases and maintenance projects.
  • Many other organizations can benefit – contact us for more information on how it may work for you.

Click on this link to see a current list of Plan-It users.

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