About Us


Strategic Insights was founded in 1996 with the desire to provide tools and information to help people make better long-range decisions. The Plan-It CIP Software, designed by Strategic Insights, is the focus of our business and is installed on a national basis in both the US and Canada. Other business services provided to Plan-It customers from our Bellingham, Washington office include data pre-loading and customized training sessions for Plan-It.  These services can help you get ‘up and running’ quickly and can help you get the most out of the software.

Bill Leskee is C.E.O. and founder of Strategic Insights Company. Development of the Plan-It Capital Improvement Planning (CIP) software began in 1998, with the first municipal installations completed early the next year. Bill’s focus is on providing an easy to use project planning and budgeting software tool to municipalities that easily helps administrators/clerks, finance directors and public works directors develop a great capital improvement plan (CIP) or capital equipment plan (CEP).

Bill’s background helps him view Plan-It from the point of view of his users. His education includes an MBA from the University of Michigan and a BS from the University of Minnesota Institute of Technology. Prior career positions include Geophysicist with Texaco, Business Planner and Consultant with IBM Corporation and Municipal Marketing Director for a large Minnesota engineering and architectural firm.

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